DonkiBot, A smart human-following robot

The personal logistics transfer robot which carries heavy burden and follows people. 
People don't need to learn how to operate it. It is an intuitive and practical robot that automatically follows people 
by pulling the controller. It safely works in the places such as factories, shopping centers, camping areas and a daily space. In addition, it is very easy for elderly and children who are not familiar with electronic devices.

Following mode 

Power on and release the tethered controller. DonkiBot then will try to follow you maintaining certain distance between you and the cart.

Remote control mode 

If you need to move DonkiBot remotely, simply switch to

remote control mode. With wireless controller, Donkibot works like any RC car!

  • Basket is detachable

  • Bumpers are bars at the front of a vehicle which protect it if it bumps into something. The bumper absorbs shock on impact.

  • Following sensor : There is a following sensor which detect a person who has a controller.

  • Battery : Battery can be charged using a small adapter. The running time is 8 hours. You need to recharge for 3 hours.

  • Operation mode : Donkibot has two mode which are following mode and remote control mode.

  • Applications: Anyone is able to carry heavy stuff on Donkibot in warehouse, offices, airport,camping,agricautre and so on.


Donkibot can be used for various purposes in a daily life. It' s easy to manipulate the robot, so the elderly and children can use it. It uses line sensor. Therefore, it is safe to operate it.


 When you have to carry a lot of documents

and office equipments. DonkiBot will help you.


It is very helpful for elderly and children who are not

familar with electronic devices as it is easy to use it.


Donkibot can help weak or disabled people moving heavy stuffs.

After shopping, we don't need any box to carry it.


If you are going to camping with your family or friends, you better use Donkibot to carry camping equipment as it is very convenient to use it.


  • Basket
    The basket is detatchable for oversized load to be carried on the base itself


  • Bumper
    DonkiBot will stop immediately if the bumper detects any physical contact


  • Following sensor
    DonkiBot is automatically following the user by tethered sensor.


  • Suspension
    Suspension guarantees stable movements of DonkiBot

8 hour

Running time

10 km/h




100 kg


email :             304, business incubation center, 55, Hanyangdaehak- ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Tel : +82) 70-432-36560