Autonomous drive ready! 

No hassle hardware. 

omorobot  supports RS-232, CAN or PWM protocols for your software to control the mobile platform.

omorobot always welcome to support your robotics project.


OMOROBOT, most affordable and easy to use Mobile Robot Platform

With OMOROBOT Mobile Platform, you can easily develop your own mobile robots. You can build the structure of robot using aluminum profile, and you can implement following robot using raspberry pi and usb camera. It is possible to implement an autonomous mobile robot using a Pixhawk and GPS module. Use your imagination to create your mobile robot


omorobot is flexible!


You can easliy modify the upper structure made of standard aluminum profile and put your stuffs on it.



Uart avaluable. You can use another chip to make a signal like bluetooth signal, RS-232, RS-485 or run it on your own algorithms. It supports CAN communication and can be used as part of a complex system. Also, Users  Can use like RC Car based on Futara S.Bus communication


  • Speed 1.2m/s (max)

  • Operating time 8 hours(continuously)

  • Loading 100kg

  • Charging time  4 hours

  • Robot weight 37kg

  • Robot size 660*510*263 mm

  • Battery 24V (12V 12Ah * 2ea)

  • Communication interface RS-232 / CAN / RC SBUS 

  • Option 
    Bumper module
    Infrared sensor module
    TFS(Tether Following Sensor) module

8 hour

Running time

1.2 m/s


4 hour


100 kg


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