Conveyor Lift Type Logistic Transport AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)

Designed for automatically transporting goods

Convery Type AGV – CL100

Allows the AGV to load and unload automatically.

Load Weight

CL100 carries weight up to 100KG


Simply attach the RF-TAG card to the floor to control the AGV.
Easy to construct at a factory and it allows administrators to modify commands by themselves at any time.

Wi-Fi Communication

Remote control and real-time status check

CL100 Is Suitable For An Environment That Is

a workplace for indoor repetitive goods transport;

a workplace that transports more than 20kg of goods in a long distance;

a workplace where it is easy to attach a line tape on the floor;

a workplace where it is possible to change the AGV route line on the floor.

Prodcut Specification

Size 700x702x635 (mm) Weight 70kg
Battery 24V 12Ah Lithium-iron phosphate Max. Speed 800mm/s
Max. Load Up to 100kg Load Size 650mm x 550mm
Conveyor Height 500mm~900mm Charging Time Up to 10 hours
Charging Time Up to 4 hours Safety Sensor Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection Sensor/Bumper Sensor
Move Method Line tape Operation Method Command control, RF-TAG
Control Method 7 inch Touch LCD Display