Smart Golf Caddy

Equipped with TFS (Tether Follow Sensor) technology
Load golf bags on the caddy and it simply follows you.


DonkiBot-G is a smart electric golf caddy equipped with Tether Follow Sensor technology
that is a patented technology of OMOROBOT.

Modular Electric Wheel

With a modular electric wheel,
a golf caddy becomes an electric caddy that can be used easily.

Wireless Remote Control

With the remote control, you can freely control the wagon in any direction and avoid obstacles, such as forward/reverse, cruise mode, etc.

Tether Follow Sensor technology

Take the advantage of using Tether Follow Sensor (TFS) technology
Simply pull the line and the wagon will follow.

High-Performance Motor

Equipped with two 180W BLDC (Brushless DC)
motors to provide power as well as quiet driving performance.

Ease of Usability

Stretch out wheels and put on the caddy,
you are ready to go!

Easy to Transport

Small footprint as it fits in most trunks.
The collapsible structure reduces the volume approximately 7 times.

Excellent Climbing Power

It is much easier for driving uphill.
Push the stop button and the wagon will stop on the slope without slipping back.
(On the circumstances of running on a 10-degree slope)

Automatic Speed Control

Not only on flat ground but also downhill situations,
Smart Tether technology adjusts the electric wheel to follow you automatically (with TFS).

Swappable Lithium-ion Battery

With a 5,200mAh swappable lithium battery,
you are able to change the battery at any time.

It takes 3 hours to fully charge the battery
and it can operate roughly as far as 10km (27 holes).

Operation time may vary depending on the environment and situations.

Water Resistant

Water-resistant as well as rainy day use.

Various Accessories

An umbrella holder, a belt clip for TFS,
magnetic keyring are provided.

Start a no-caddy round with DonkiBot-G

If you are burdened with expensive golf courses,
enjoy a no-caddy round with DonkiBot-G.

Please check the video and get a sense of how to use the product (Filmed with another golf caddy model).

Product Specification

Motor BLDC 36V 180W ×2 Electric Wheel Weight 11Kg (includes battery)
Battery Lithium-iron battery 37V 5,200mAh (swappable) Charging Time Up to 3 hours
Max. Distance Up to 9~12Km (depends on operating environments) Max. Speed 1.8m/s
Uphill Slope 10˚ (with golf bag) Max. Load 50Kg
Size Electric wheel 275×275×620 mm
Golf caddy 1150×650×1480mm
Interface Battery level indicator, Gyro function
Golf Caddy Weight 7.8Kg Electric Wheel Size 11 inch