R1 mini

An Open Mobile Platform for autonomous driving education and development

A platform exclusively for beginners to professional developers

Development Platform with ROS (Robot Operating System) Support

R1 mini supports ROS and ROS2.

Free ROS Tranining

AI specialized developer uses R1 mini as a tool to teach ROS online courses.

Precision Encoder Motor

Precision encoder motor makes driving stable without shaking.

Lidar Sensor, Camera Module

360-degree lidar and acrylic plate for camera modules are provided as optional.

IMU Sensor, Wi-Fi Module

A Built-in IMU sensor with a Kalman filter is essential for autonomous driving.

A port is prepared for the ESP Wi-Fi module that makes users code on Arduino easily
and controls it remotely through a browser from either a PC or a smartphone.

Please check the example program on the OMOROBOT Github page.

*ESP Wi-Fi model is not included in the Ri mini Basic

RGB LED Headlight Mounted

Express yourself with your R1 mini by printing different color codes through the serial port.

Turn on the headlight to identify objects in dark places.

Dedicated Turning Program

Driving performance varies depending on the response characteristic of the motor.
A dedicated turning program is utilized
to control the robot even faster and smoother.

Customized 3D Printing Case

We provide 3D printing data for the R1 mini case.
Personalize your R1 mini with a detachable camera module mount!

R1 mini Is Fit For Anyone

Interested in studying deep learning and autonomous driving robots;

Interested in studying from the principle of an autonomous driving robot to process SLAM;

Interested in studying ROS, ROS2 and comparing the differences between them;

Interested in studying developers’ mindset by trying on their own;

If any of above applies, choose R1 mini!

Product Specification

Product Size – R1mini Basic

Product Size – R1mini Pro

Size 193x165x67 (mm) Weight 1050g(includes battery)
Battery Lithium-iron 18650 (3S1P 3.7V 2600mAh) Main Controller STM32F103
External Input Button Input External Output Motor, Color RGB LED, Buzzer, Headlight LED
Power Input 12V Power Output 5V 3A
Sensor Encoder, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Current Measurement Sensor Wired Communication Interface RS-232(TTL) 1115, 200bps (Communication protocol provided separately) Can bus 500Kbps
Wireless Communication Interface ESP8266 Wi-Fi Communication Module (Arduino IDE)

Documents Support

R1mini E-manual Visit E-manual Page
R1mini ROS melodic Package Visit Manual Page
R1mini 3D printing case data Visit 3D web viewer
R1mini 3D printing data(*.stl) Download page